Montana Board of Crime Control

Law Enforcement Personnel in Montana Reports

MBCC conducts an annual employee survey of the state’s law enforcement agencies. The survey is used to determine the number and type of personnel employed by Montana law enforcement agencies. This publication shows law enforcement coverage per jurisdictions that focus on improving the safety of your community.

As of 2021, the results of this survey will be available through interactive dashboards to allow you to compare with similar sized agencies across the state or agencies with the same crime rates. There will be no hard copy reports going forward, but the PDF versions of the reports from 2002-2020 below will be retained on this page.

Within the dashboard linked below, users will be able to view and filter graphs, drill down into specific data points of interest, and create custom reports.

Annual MTIBRS Law Enforcement Survey Instructions and Information

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Law Enforcement Employment Survey

Crime in Montana Annual Agency NIBRS Offense Summary
Law Enforcement Employment

Annual statistical counts of sworn and civilian employees for Montana law enforcement agencies between years for the most current 10 years of data available.

Law Enforcement Personnel in Montana Reports (2002 - 2020)

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