Montana Board of Crime Control

Victim Liaison Project

The Montana Board of Crime Control State and Tribal Victim Liaison Project is a three-year project that seeks to collaborate with Montana Board of Crime Control (MBCC) staff, subgrantees, victim service providers, victims, and the Board to identify and address gaps in victim services throughout Montana. One liaison will communicate and collaborate exclusively with tribal victim service providers, and the other will work with all other victim service providers in the state, especially the organizations and agencies that provide services to victims in rural areas and to older adult (ages 60+) victims of crime.


  • Collaborate with MBCC subgrantees, project partners, and victim service providers throughout the state to create a statewide Needs Assessment.
  • Collect data for MBCC’s Statistical Analysis Center analysts to create an accurate, consistently updated map of victim services in Montana.
  • And form strong working relationships with and between victim service providers to implement a Montana Victim Services Network.

Coming Soon!

  • Local and regional meetings
  • Map of Montana Victim Services and Resources
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