Montana Board of Crime Control

MTIBRS Training & Technical Assistance

NIBRS/MTIBRS doesn’t have to be scary or annoying. Every other week, MBCC will be providing help and tips to make data collecting more straightforward. The sessions are only 15 minutes, with 15 minutes or more for questions. Your suggestions for topics are always welcome. We’re starting off with the following schedule, but can tuck other topics in as needed.

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By registering, you are registering for all 2023 sessions, although you do not need to attend every session. The sessions will be recorded and any materials used for the presentation will also be available on this page. Bookmark this page for future reference.

Just the Facts: Schedule and Topics

March 15, 2023
Watch Presentation (10:39)
Presentation Slides
Location Values
March 29, 2023
Society Crime Victims
April 12, 2023
Drug Data Collection Updates
April 26, 2023
Victim to Offender Relatinoships Enhancements
May 10, 2023
Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Arrest, or Assault?
May 24, 2023
Elements of Identity Theft
June 7, 2023
Bond Books and MTIBRS
June 21, 2023
HAPPY 4th - No Just the Facts this week
July 5, 2023
Intimidation Assault PFMA Issues
July 19, 2023
XML Scheduled Submissions
August 2, 2023

Do you have suggestions for future session topics? We'd love to hear them! Please email your ideas to