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Criminal Justice Data Warehouse

The Integrated Justice System data project is the implementation of a comprehensive and cohesive criminal justice system to aid legislative efforts in resource allocation and policy changes, aiming to enhance outcomes for both offenders and crime victims. Critical to this project is state support for local partners while advocating for improved data collection, sharing, and integration to transform the current reactive nature of the system. The project emphasizes efficiency gains through streamlined data processes, for cost savings that can benefit both state and local stakeholders. Such enhancements can inform decisions related to funding, policy, workload, staffing, and their impacts on prison populations and recidivism, ultimately contributing to public safety.

Senate Bill 11 - Creation of the Criminal Justice Data Warehouse - 2023 Legislative Session
Integrated Justice System Data Project Slides

Contact Information

For questions about the Criminal Justice Data Warehouse Project, please contact:

Janice Fries
Statistical Analysis Center Director

Natalia Bowser
Montana Board of Crime Control Director