Montana Board of Crime Control

Amplifund Resources

MBCC uses a subgrant application and management system called AmpliFund. Applicants use AmpliFund to submit their applications for funding opportunities. And subgrantees use Amplifund to manage their award.

Always use this Amplifund link to apply for or manage a subgrant with the MBCC:

Applicant Resources

The resources below are for entities in the process of applying for funding from MBCC via the Applicant Portal in AmpliFund.

Subgrantee Resources

The resources below are for subgrantees who have been awarded funding from MBCC and are managing their award in AmpliFund.

Amplifund Support

If you encounter an AmpliFund system problem (i.e. you're having trouble logging in or you need a password reset), please contact the AmpliFund support team at or 216-377-5500, press 2. If you do not receive a response within 48 hours, please contact MBCC.