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Montana Crime Data

MBCC data staff have prepared a number or reports to help you identify community safety gaps and best practices. We can use this data together with the funding opportunities on the MBCC grants page to reduce crime, improve services for victims of crime, and support and improve the Montana criminal justice system.

Interactive Montana Crime Data

The MBCC Statistical Analysis Center is transitioning away from publishing annual Crime in Montana reports in favor of interactive reports using more timely data. From 2005 forward, all Montana crime date will be accessible in Tableau. Crime in Montana reports from 1972-2020 will still be available in their original PDF format below.

Updates to annual crime statistics are typically completed by March of each year after completion of a quality control review of the previous year’s data for accuracy and consistency. Preliminary crime statistics may be available prior to the March release for certain jurisdictions. Users needing preliminary crime statistics prior to the March release may submit inquires to the Statistical Analysis Center using the Crime in Montana Request Form.

Within each of the dashboards linked below, users will be able to view and filter graphs, drill down into specific data points of interest, and create custom reports.

Tips for using Tableau Data Dashboards

Current Dashboards

Violent Crime Dashboard
Crime Data Dashboards

Current crime dashboards include Violent Crime, Domestic Violence, Property Crime, Drug Crime, Offense Rates, Reported Offenses and Clearance Rates, NIBRS Offense Summaries, and more.

Crime in Montana Annual Agency NIBRS Offense Summary
Law Enforcement Personnel in Montana Dashboards

The MBCC Statistical Analysis Center has created a new interactive Law Enforcement Employment Survey for the most current 10 years of data available.

Block grants for victims services by year
Funding Dashboards

The MBCC Statistical Analysis Center has created two new interactive data reports, or dashboards, that show how MBCC awards federal block grant funding throughout the State of Montana.

Montana Crime Data (1972 - the most current data)

Crime in Montana Annual Reports (1972 - the most current data)

Dashboard under construction.

Law Enforcement Personnel in Montana Reports (2002 - 2020)

Hate Crime in Montana Reports (1992 - 2020)

Dashboard under construction.

Crime Data Request

If you are unable to or are having difficulty locating the data you are looking for in the dashboards above, please reread the instructions at the top of the page. You may also request assistance using the button below. Note, for consistency of data provided, our Statistical Analysis Center will reference the dashboards shown on this page. Please bookmark this page.

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