Montana Board of Crime Control

Crime in Montana Reports

MBCC data staff have prepared a number or reports to help you identify community safety gaps and best practices. We can use this data together with the funding opportunities on the MBCC grants page to reduce crime, improve services for victims of crime, and support and improve the Montana criminal justice system.

Interactive Crime in Montana Reports

New! The MBCC Statistical Analysis Center is transitioning away from publishing annual Crime in Montana reports in favor of interactive reports using more timely data. From 2005 forward, all Montana crime date will be accessible in Tableau. Crime in Montana reports from 1972-2020 will still be available in their original PDF format below.

Within each of the dashboards linked below, users will be able to view and filter graphs, drill down into specific data points of interest, and create custom reports.

Our Current Dashboards

Violent Crime
Violent Crime

Four violent crimes are used for reporting the FBI Violent Crime Index: Homicide, Aggravated Assault, Rape, and Robbery.

Domestic Violence
Domestic Violence

The Domestic Violence dashboard focuses on crimes committed where the victim and partner have an intimate or familial relationship.

Property Crimes
Property Crime

Three crimes are used for reporting the FBI Property Crime Index: Burglary, Auto Theft, and Larceny/Theft.

Drug Crime
Drug Crime

The Drug Crime dashboard details arrests where drugs or drug paraphernalia are seized.

Crime in Montana Reports (1972 - 2020)

Crime in Montana Annual Reports (1972 - 2020)

Law Enforcement Personnel in Montana Reports (2002 - 2020)

Hate Crime in Montana Reports (1992 - 2020)

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