Montana Board of Crime Control

2020 Do the Write Thing


All across America, students are rising to the challenge of doing something to end youth violence. Montana’s Do the Write Thing Challenge is a violence prevention program that allows middle school students an opportunity to examine the impact on their lives and to communicate in written form what they think should be done to reduce youth violence. By encouraging students to make personal commitments to do something about the problem, the program ultimately seeks to give them the opportunity to break the cycles of violence in their homes, schools, and neighborhoods. Do the Write Thing is an initiative of the National Campaign to Stop Violence.

If you would like to participate in the Do the Write Thing challenge, or would like more information, please email Rachel Gemar.


2020 Do the Write Thing Finalists

2020 Montana's National Student Ambassadors

Ansleigh Held
East Valley Middle School
East Helena, MT

Wyatt Maynard
Laurel Middle School
Laurel, MT

Ansleigh Held
Ansleigh Held at the Montana 2021 Do the Write Thing Celebration
Wyatt Maynard
Wyatt Maynard

2020 Montana's State Finalist

Guerna Becker
Fairfield Middle School
Fairfield, MT

Ansleigh Held
Guerna Becker at the Montana 2021 Do the Write Thing Celebration
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