Montana Board of Crime Control

Linking Systems of Care for Children & Youth Demonstration Project (LSOC)

The LSOC is a cooperative agreement between the Montana Board of Crime Control (MBCC) and the Office of Victims of Crime (OVC). The purpose of the project is to improve service delivery to child and youth victims and their families by providing consistent, coordinated, and collaborative responses that address the presenting issues and the full range of victim’s needs.

MBCC will conduct community based gap analyses and statewide needs assessments in Tribal and non-Tribal communities. The goal of these assessments is to gain greater understanding of the services available for child and youth victims across Montana. By gaining the perspectives of both the service providers and the families that utilize the services, MBCC can better understand the gaps, barriers, and needs that should be addressed for more complete and effective care. The results of the analyses and assessments will inform the strategic plan for implementation of sustainable policy and practice. There are 5 phases for this project, with funding awarded in 15 month increments. MBCC will begin phase two in April of 2016.