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COVID-19 Resources

Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding (CESF)

Approximately $1 million will be initially available. The maximum dollar amount for which any applicant may apply is $50,000. Eligible applicants include units of city, county and tribal governments; state agencies; non-profit agencies; and for-profit agencies. Apply now.

MBCC encourages all to fill out the Coronavirus Impact Survey. Data collected from the survey will help MBCC assess the impact of COVID-19 throughout Montana and develop solutions to distribute resources to the areas in need.

CESF Email Updates from MBCC

National Criminal Justice Association (NCJA)



  • The CESF Primer - A short webinar highlighting important details about the CESF program, including details about allowable uses, eligibility, timing and access to funds. Accompanying the webinar is this two-page fact sheet , which is written to help local government partners understand how to access CESF fund.
  • Understanding FEMA and Coordinating Coronavirus Response with State and Local Emergency Managers - Topics discussed in this webinar include:
    • The purpose and focus of a governor's emergency declaration under the Stafford Act
    • How FEMA, the state emergency management agencies, and county emergency managers coordinate funding and response activities
    • How supplies and other resources are directed through the local, state, and national emergency stockpiles, and
    • How state and local law enforcement agencies work with their state and county emergency management agencies.

U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women (OVW)