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Musselshell/Golden Valley/Witness Program - Survivor Assistance Dog Pyper

The Musselshell Golden Valley Witness Assistance Program was created in 2007 to providePyper
comfort to reduce a victim’s anxiety, resulting in more accurate interviews, interaction with
both prosecution and defense, and ease the stress for victims of violent crime as they prepare
to testify and testify in court.  The human-animal bond is strong and evidence of its power is
being seen in medical and law enforcement offices throughout the country.  Pyper’s presence
in the court room and with victims creates a more humane and efficient system that enables all
to accomplish their work in a more positive and constructive manner. Since 2010, Pyper has
attended over 25 forensic interviews with children, attended nine rape examinations with adult
victims; attended 11 emergency medical treatments after victimization and has attended court
hearings with 22 child victims in addition to logging hundreds of hours in the courtroom
attending arraignments, change of plea hearings and sentencing hearing.

Pyper is available to every agency throughout Montana and routinely travels to assist victims as they prepare to testify in court.

° Going to Court

° Award Photo 
  Tami Allen, Musselshell Golden Valley Victim/Witness Advocate, Pyper, Facility Dog, Laura Obert, MBCC Board Chair

Eastern Montana Drug Prosecution Coordinator

Eastern Montana Drug Prosecution Coordinator was a successful a program previously located in Glasgow, Montana. The program was established to serve as an expert resource to provide assistance to law enforcement, prosecutors and judges of northeastern Montana where the ability to specialize is severely limited by the size of the average county attorney office. The Eastern Montana Drug Prosecution Coordinator developed an online brief bank and completed a Drug Prosecution Manual which included detailed information and examples on confidential informants, probable cause, search warrants, charging and sentencing, forfeiture and applicable forms. On-site training and consultation with eastern Montana County Attorneys was also provided through this program.

Eastern MT Drug Prosecution Coordinator Presentation

 Press Release

 MBCC Program Highlight Award Recipient Announced

 Eastern MT Drug Prosecution Coordinator Receives MBCC Program Highlight Award

Award Photo

 Laura Obert, MBCC Chair; Diane Cochran, Drug Prosecution Coordinator; Kathy Granger, Project Director; Bruce Barstad,Glasgow Police Chief

SAFE Harbor logo

SAFE Harbor serves a rural area covering over 1.3 million acres on the Flathead Reservation, which includes Lake County and has a population of 29,000, with 4,400 children in public schools, 150 in private schools and 40 being home schooled.  More than 9,200 American Indians, from a variety of tribes, including the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribes, the governing tribe for the area, live on the reservation.  It is the only shelter and domestic violence advocacy program between Missoula and Kalispell.  Serving a diverse client base, populated by numerous tribal groups while representing a broad geographic area, the program has evolved as a victim-centered agency focused on crisis intervention, shelter services, legal assistance, personal advocacy, emotional recovery and long-term client success. 

Spring 2015 Newsletter 

Sexual Assault Brochure

Press Release

MBCC Announces Program Highlight Recipient

Office of Victim Servies logo

Montana Domestic Violence Fatality Review Commission

The Domestic Violence Fatality Review Commission is an agency under the Department of Justice whose goals are to identify gaps in Montana’s system for protecting domestic violence victims and to better coordinate multi-agency efforts to protect those most at risk of domestic homicide.  The Commission conducts reviews across the state in order to better understand the impact of domestic violence fatalities among Montana families and communities.  The Commission members are appointed by the Attorney General and include representatives from federal, state and private agencies, the medical and mental health community, law enforcement and the courts, Native Americans, the legislature, and the MT Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence.

Montana Domestic Violence Fatality Review Commission Powerpoint Presentation

S.T.O.P in Action: Montana/Domestic Violence Fatality Review Commission Video

Press Releases

MBCC announces 2015 Program Highlight recipient

MT Domestic Violence Fatality Review Commission receives 2015 Program Highlight Award

Award Photos

Matthew Dale, Coordinator of MT Domestic Violence Fatality Review Commission and Laura Obert, Chair, Montana Board of Crime Control

Laura Obert, Chair, Montana Board of Crime Control and Joan Eliel, Hope Card Administrator

Native American Domestic Violence Fatality Review Team

Glasgow Police Department logoGlasgow Police Department Misdemeanor Probation/Victim Witness Project

Since 2009 the City of Glasgow Police Department Misdemeanor Probation Project has been an unquestionable success.  The Misdemeanor Probation Officer (MPO) has a caseload of 25-35 persons who were convicted of Partner Family Member Assaults and Violations of Protection Orders.  The MPO holds offenders accountable for their crimes by completing exhaustive pre-sentence investigations, tracking compliance with sentence requirements, establishing MPO supervision fees, and working with applicable community based services groups.  The Misdemeanor Probation Project and the Victim Specialist Project form a unit that ensures victim safety and offender accountability.  The project is an integral part of the community-based philosophy that the City of Glasgow and partnering agencies have adopted.

Award Photo

Misdemeanor Probation Powerpoint Presentation

Victim Witness Powerpoint Presentation

University of Montana logoCriminology Research Group


Alliance for Youth logo    
Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) & Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI)


Criminology Research Group

The goal of the Criminology Research Group (CRG) is to foster a collaborative effort between University of Montana professors, faculty, students and outside institutions to conduct active meaningful research in the field of criminology.  A core function of the CRG is to provide the opportunity to promote student learning through applied research.  The Social Science Research Laboratory (SSRL) strives to provide the CRG, as well as The College of Humanities and Sciences as a whole with a quality research and learning environment.

The CRG is led by Sociology Professors Dusten Hollist, James Burfeind, Daniel Doyle, and Jackson Bunch, and SSRL Administrator Chuck Harris.  From the inception, the CRG has involved graduate and undergraduate students in grant funded research.  The CRG is founded upon the belief that student learning through research is an essential component of the learning experience at the University of Montana.  Read more...

Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) & Juvenile Detention Alternatives Initiative (JDAI)

The Alliance for Youth is a community collaboration formed on April 4, 1990 by merging two existing coalitions, the Community Core Team, Inc. and the Making the Grade Task Force.  The Community Core Team was established in 1982 to provide a network of community officials, organizations and citizens to address underage alcohol and other drug use.  The Making the Grade Task Force was established to address underage alcohol use.  Through community partnership Alliance for Youth has provided pro-social opportunities, resources and education to advance healthy youth development for over 20 years.  The mission of Alliance for Youth is to connect community resources and provide opportunities for children, families and teens to advance their healthy development.  The Alliance for Youth has collaborated with the Montana Board of Crime Control (MBCC) on a series of grant-funded projects that include, but are not limited to: Skills for a Health Future; Bright Futures for High Risk Youth; Rural Violence and Bullying Prevention; Social Responsibility Training; Intergeneration Prevention; and many more.  Recently Alliance for Youth University of Montana and MBCC are undertaking the challenge of improving Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) in Cascade County and throughout Montana.  Read more...

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