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Criminology Research Group

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The CRG has been active within the SSRL since the fall of 2009, meeting once a week under the direction of Professor Hollist. The SSRL has been in operation since its inception in 1987 and has been expanding its influence ever since.

The CRG has collaborated with members of the Statistical Analysis Center (SAC) at the Montana Board of Crime Control (MBCC) on a series of grant-funded projects. These projects have provided explanations for the mechanisms that contribute to minority overrepresentation in the Montana Juvenile Justice System. The research has also focused on evaluating and improving the process associated with and tools used to evaluate juveniles who are being considered for confinement in secure detention in our State. This work is responsible for the development of the first ever automated Detention Rsk Assessment Instrument (DRAI) to be used in Montana.

Student members of the CRG have gone on to be admitted into some of the top-ranked PhD sociology research programs in the country and have taken leadership positions within criminal justice research agencies in Montana. The CRG is proud to represent the College of Humanities and Sciences and the University of Montana in this capacity.

The SSRL occupies three rooms, Social Science 258, 259, and 262. The SSRL serves the research needs of staff and faculty, offers programs and space for classes, seminars, and tutorials, and provides hands-on computer training with more than 30 current computers and two well-appointed presentation podiums.

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