Subgrantee Trainings

Subgrantee Trainings provide updates on new reporting and fiscal requirements and answers questions about projects funded through MBCC. Topics include Office for Civil Rights (OCR) regulations and training; budget, timesheets and fiscal information; and data collection, reporting and statistics. These trainings also provide an opportunity for subgrantees to ask program specific questions and provide agencies an opportunity to interact and learn best practices in their respective fields. 

Programmatic Subgrantee Management

  • Victims of Crime Act (VOCA)

  • Stop Violence Against Women (VAWA) 

  • Sexual Assault Services Program (SASP) 

  • Misdemeanor Probation - Domestic Violence Intervention (DVI)

In response to changing needs and comments from subgrantees regarding past trainings, MBCC program specialists will offer in-person training for programmatic grant management. Program Specialists will host four regional programmatic trainings in the next two months and one Skype training.

No trainings have been scheduled for 2018:

Trainings are mandatory. A block of rooms will be available for subgrantees traveling long distances. You may be reimbursed for mileage, per diem and hotel if you need to travel to the meeting.  If you cannot attend a session in person, you will need to attend the Skype session - that date has not been scheduled.

  • Justice Assistance Grant (JAG)

JAG Multi-jurisdictional Drug Task Forces (MJDTF): Program, fiscal, and crime data reporting training and technical assistance to MJDTF subgrantees already is and will continue to be given through a more effective and direct, hands-on, and periodically face-to-face approach, in a way to where specific issues can be addressed in a more effective and expeditious manner.   

  • Other JAG Grants 

Due to the scope of these programs being very simple and short-lived, a more personal, direct-contact, one-on-one, individual program approach towards subgrantees from MBCC JAG program, fiscal and data managers will be performed, providing optimal effectiveness.

Financial Grant Management 
MBCC grant accountants will offer webinars and online modules for financial grant management training.  Three webinars for financial grant management will begin in September for all MBCC sugrantees.


Data-Driven Decision Making
Webinars for data training will begin in November.

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