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Quality Assurance Review

The Quality Assurance Review (QAR) program works with all non-Tribal local law enforcement agencies that participate in the electronic Montana Incident-Based Reporting System (MTIBRS). When an agency submits crime data to the MTIBRS, that data is reviewed for integrity and accuracy. The QAR personnel provides on-site training based on agency review findings and needs.  Each agency that participates in the MTIBRS program will be reviewed according to a 2 year schedule. Agency cooperation is needed in order to provide the best training possible for an agency’s personnel.

Agencies need accurate data for resource and policy planning.  Accurate crime data can show trends and patterns that law enforcement can use to help reduce crime in their area.  This data can also be used by law makers to help create policies that help law enforcement officials.

How does it work?
The QAR personnel will contact the agency to inform them of their scheduled review and request incidents to review.  These incidents are reviewed for integrity issues. The reviewer and the agency will identify extra topics of training that the agency feels necessary for success.  Upon the submission and review of requested materials, a compilation of findings and targeted training will be presented to the agency on-site.  Each agency is encouraged to give feedback and suggestions to improve the QAR program.


Why report?
Crime data reporting is a benefit to the agency, the state, the nation and lawmakers.  In addition to being able to show trends and patterns that can be used by local law enforcement, the data is also used to help provide federal and state grant funding for areas of need around the state.  Victim services, juvenile services, and law enforcement all benefit from the federal and state grants provided by Montana Board of Crime Control (MBCC).


Accurate crime data contributes to the ability to maintain public safety. Crime information can be viewed on the Montana Online Reporting site.

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